Welcome to the Default CoSysCo.com web site

Since the Omega-13 device is down for repairs, the staff here at CoSysCo have instead activated the Apache Web server software included with the OpenBSD System. Although this is currently a very boring page, it may get more interesting in time.


If you're having troubles sleeping, we recommend ssl(8) and httpd(8) manpages as a sure cure for insomnia.

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Now the sites that are on this server...

The DogWorks, a dog training facility in Monroe, WA

The RJSquirrel com

The RJSquirrel net

The RJSquirrel org

The BJMoose com

The BJMoose net

The BJMoose org

The ActionLabs net

The ActionLabs org

The SquirrelPages com

The SquirrelPages net

The MobyDog com

The MobyDog net

The MobyDog org

The Bardusch Family Web Site (coming soon)

The CoSysCo com

The CoSysCo org

The SmoothCollie net

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